I'd like to think of myself as a Kaleidoscope - 'an observer of beautiful things'. A quality and passion that I always had, and which I chose to nurture and develop, so that I could share it with others. And, with that choice I consciously made a few more choices that were instrumental in effecting a more ‘whole’ approach to my life.

It is with this outlook that I am constantly seeking the knowledge and guidance to empower myself in such a way that I can help bring out the best in you and your lifestyle. My formal Education was in the fields of Marketing (Master of Business Administration) and Sociology (Bachelor Of Arts), and this lead to a career of Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. Soon, my interest in the Creative Arts lead me to Interior Décor and the very expressive area of Fashion and Image Styling (Certified by London College Of Fashion). However, I felt that nothing is complete without first paying attention to the inner ‘self’ and thereby, felt the need to become an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach (Certified by Evolved Coaching).

I choose to feel and look the best that I can be. I choose to live in an environment that will reflect this feeling. I choose to be happy. Once you make that choice, nothing can stop you. And this is where I would be instrumental in helping you along your journey of expression, empowerment and presentation.

Chikky Sirish